The foundation of Chaucot Dubost intervenes in two axes: Education & Health

Below are two examples of intervention:
  • Our participation in the development of free digital resources through our participation in AUNEGE and UNIT.
  • Our support for health services in our Auvergne region via the free development of the AuréLi application.

Chaucot Dubost In is a member of UNIT and AUNEGe, we participate in the development of French educational resources.


AUNEGe (Association of Universities for the Development of Digital Education in Economics and Management) is a Thematic Digital University (UNT) founded in 2005 under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education.
AUNEGe is the showcase of French universities in economics and management on the net and supports the creation of resources for digital education - clips, case studies, games and simulations, testimonials and reports, fundamentals, complete courses - offered by member institutions lissements membres.


UNIT, the Digital Engineering and Technology University, is one of the Thematic Digital Universities (UNT) created at the initiative of Grandes Ecoles, Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MENESR).
UNIT brings together all those involved in higher education in Engineering Sciences and Technology wishing to get involved in digital development, the implementation of innovative pedagogies, the pooling of tools, experiences, and the co-management of projects based on open educational resources (OER) and digital-based training systems.
UNIT is a Partnership Foundation which brings together around 40 Universities, Engineering Schools and Businesses.

Our Auréli tool helps hospitals and emergency services in Auvergne to count and classify COVID-19 cases in real time, to direct new cases as quickly as possible to the available beds. Epidemic activity card was designed free of charge and specifically for the health services of Auvergne.


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